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These current research projects are about language, thought and computation.


Sheila Embleton, Dorin Uritescu (both at York University, in Toronto Canada) and I are studying how to use information technology to access dialect data, and what we can learn about the nature of dialects. Below are links to our major project (RODA), to the York University Archive where some of our work Romanian and Finnish has been stored, and to a partial list of online dialect atlases and related projects.

The RODA project has been supported by grants from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC).

Dialect Atlas List

Here is a list of online dialect atlases and related projects. You are invited to contribute to it. Contact us.

Language and Thought

Language is intimately connected to thought. In an effort to integrate various theories about the nature of language and how we use it to think, I have created the "Theatre of the Mind" project (TOTM), a computational model of language processing that displays an animated view of a text on a virtual stage. The "Jack and Jill" prototype of the model is working, and efforts are underway now to expand its scope, and explain the reasoning behind it.


In the 21st century, why can't our academic findings be published online... a kind of personal reporting of explorations and results, not unlike what researchers in the 17th and 18th centuries did with their letters to colleagues. Here is my attempt to do this using a blog to capture my ongoing thoughts on the subjects I am exploring. You are invited to respond to or contribute to anything here by contacting me Contact


Viking runes in Scotland